Tuesday, April 1

14 Crock Pot Recipes for Sunday Dinner! #Foodie

With my husband being an Executive Chef, there are many times when he is not home on the weekends. With that in mind, I am left to cook dinner for myself and my three kids. I recently received a crock pot for a gift and I am excited to find some great recipes to put it to good use!

I have a collection of crop pot recipes of chicken, soup, pork, beef and pasta options to choose from. I am most excited to try the Easy Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie, Mac N Cheese and the Kid Friendly Turkey Chili! I know all three of my kids will enjoy those three recipes the most!

The BBQ ribs and the Buffalo Shredded Chicken recipes will definitely be used for a Sunday when my husband is home as I know he would enjoy those as well!

I had no idea I could use my crock pot for so many amazing foods! The only item I have made in it...so far...is chili! Can't wait to try some of these recipes!

What do you usually cook for Sunday Dinner?

To view my collection and many other recipes, head over to Foodie.com!

Note: I was compensated for this post, however, all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way. 

Sunday, March 30

Bubble Guppies: Animals Everywhere DVD!

Dive into six swimmingly exciting field trips this spring with the Bubble Guppies in Bubble Guppies: Animals Everywhere! 

Dora the Explorer: Dora in Wonderland DVD!

Get ready for new magical adventures with Dora and Boots in Dora the Explorer: Dora in Wonderland.  

Tuesday, March 18

Five Home Improvement Items that are Worth the Splurge

Five Home Improvement Items that are Worth the Splurge
When spending a little more will make your life a whole lot easier
Usually, saving money in every way you can produces the most benefit for your family and your future financial goals. Many people have switched from name brand to generic and their lives are unchanged, a part from the little extra change jingling in their pockets. More often than not, cutting corners and going for the lowest price has great rewards.
Unfortunately, there are some things that require a little extra spending. Focusing your extra spending on a few commonly used items around the home will not only make life easier for you, but also better for your entire family. Here are some home improvement items that require a little splurging. Some of them might actually help you save money!
Home Security Alarm System
It sounds like a sales pitch, but you really can’t put a price tag on your families safety. You can get local PA home security in a wide variety of price ranges, but the more you spend the more you are covered and therefore protected. Things like security cameras and flood lights also add to the price, but you can evaluate your family’s needs and pick the right add-ons for your system.

Washing Machine
You could spend a fortune on dry cleaning or buy all the fancy, expensive laundry detergents to get your family’s greasy, dirty and just plain filthy clothes clean. A better option would be to just spend the money once on a really good washing machine that will get your family’s clothes clean the first time. Many new models also use less energy than older ones, so you will end up saving money on your energy bill.
You use your mattress every night, which may make it a priority splurge for most people. For the more frugal spenders, consider how a good (or bad) night’s sleep effects your entire day and even your attitude. Cut out the back pain, the tossing and the turning and commit to a more expensive mattress. A full night’s sleep will make every day a little better for the whole family.
Light Bulbs
Small items like light bulbs are easy to disregard and reach for the least expensive one. When you take a closer look at how each light bulb works, you will find out that newer compact florescent light bulbs use less energy and last six to ten times longer! That means you are actually spending more money when you buy the cheaper versions, so read the labels before you buy.

Most of us forget about it, but your fridge is constantly running. It uses more energy than most other appliances in your home. Again, spending more money now on a quality refrigerator will actually save you money in the future. New government-sponsored Energy Star models can save you hundreds on your energy bill every year. It’s difficult to pass up a deal like that.

Thursday, March 13

6 Birthday Budget Ideas For Your Children

The cost of a child’s birthday party sometimes feels like it rivals the cost of a wedding. When it comes down to it, most children are ecstatic over a simple birthday party that includes their friends and cake.
Here are six ideas to keeping birthday party costs on a budget without sacrificing any fun.
1. Home Movie Theater
For great kid-friendly movie options, look into On Demand television features. Save on TV Direct or other budget TV packages allow an endless supply of recent movies without a high price.
Once selecting the movie, create a section of the kitchen or family room where the kids can select candy, popcorn, sodas, nachos, etc. before the movie. The idea resembles a traditional theater but costs nearly half in price.
2. Pool Party
 Although traditional, pool parties never get old. Invite a few of the mom’s to stay to ensure child safety, and enjoy a relaxing day outside while the kids entertain themselves in the pool.
 Food for pool parties is relatively inexpensive since hot dogs, chips, salsa, and soda can be purchased in bulk for a small price.
3. Cupcake Decorating Party
Because this idea revolves around cake, most children will be thrilled about this party idea.
 Purchase premade plain cupcakes or make them ahead of time so that they will be ready when the party starts. Set out different types or colors of frosting, sprinkles, candy, and cookies and let the kids go crazy.
4. Princess Party
 While this idea applies mainly to girls, this idea can be transformed into something boys would enjoy (G.I. Joes or Legos).
 Have each child come dressed up as their favorite Disney princess, and provide princess activities such as decorating a crown or sash with sparkly jewels, glittery face painting, and nail painting.
After the craft activities, set up a Royal Scavenger Hunt inside or outside with clues from Disney movies. Once they find the treasure chest, the prize inside can double as their party favor. Whether it is little chocolate gold coins, or pretty bracelets, they will enjoy finding the treasure. 
5. Backyard Carnival
 This idea is slightly more expensive than the others, but with a bit of effort, this idea is doable.
To cut down on costs, make most of the games out of household items. For the ring toss, spray paint soda bottles. Use a pin board for a balloon dart station. Set up a tattoo and face painting station.
For food, if renting a cotton candy machine or popcorn machine is too expensive, instead have a mini slider and fry station, or a mac and cheese and hot dog station.
6. Scavenger Hunt
Separate the children into two different groups, and provide them with the same list of clues for the scavenger hunt. Or, provide them with a list of household items, and have them each start at a different part of the street and compete to see who can find the entire list first.
These are just a few ideas of budget friendly birthday parties that any kid will have a blast at.
Image Source: www.birthdayfreebies.com

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