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Tuesday, January 29

{Review} Giani Granite - Check out my countertop transformation!

Giani Granite Home

Giani Granite is your go-to company if you want to transform countertops in your house to look like granite! If you are like me, and can not afford real granite countertops, you will be amazed at how a Giani Granite kit transforms to look like the real thing.  You will receive a kit in the mail that includes everything you need to paint and transform your kitchen or bath into a beautiful area for an inexpensive price. 

There are seven color kits to choose from:

-Chocolate Brown
-Bombay Black (the kit I chose for my kitchen counters)
-Sicilian Sand
-White Diamond
-Sapphire Blue
-Emerald Green
-Roma Red

Here are a couple of pictures of the kit I received in the mail:

Here is what I received in the Bombay Black kit:

-1 can of Primer-Base Coat
     - 1 can of Pearl Mica Mineral
     - 1 can of Black Onyx Mineral
     - 1 can of Bronze Mineral
     - 1 can of Automotive Polyurethane Topcoat
     - 1 roller arm and two roller pads
     - 1 paint sponge
     - 1 foam brush
     -  Black practice poster board
     - Instructional DVD   
     -  Illustrated Instructions

My husband and I bought our house in 2006 and we really have not completed any upgrades or changes to it since neither one of us is really handy with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. I have to admit that I was very nervous to try this because if I messed it up we would have to live with it! Good thing this kit is fool proof...if I can do this, anyone can! 

Here are some picture of what my kitchen used to look like with the old countertop. It was a light counter and stained very easily...especially when the kids spilled Gatorade on it!


Here is an up-close of what my counter looked like beforehand:

How to prep the counter:

With three little kids, prepping took the longest for me! It literally took me an entire day to relocate all of the countertop items to the dining room/garbage/etc. and to thoroughly clean the counters in between dealing with the kiddies. 

I used a scrubbing sponge and scrubbed my counters three times (two is ideal but mine needed a deep cleaning) and I wanted to make sure they were ready to go when I painted!

It took me three days to complete the primer, sponging and top coat. I had to work when the kids were either napping during the day or sleeping at night. 

After cleaning the counters off and scrubbing them, I wanted to make sure I used painter's tape properly so it took me quite a long time to tape off the wall behind the counter (which is white) and I taped newspaper to the cabinets below to ensure they would not receive any drips. I also placed newspaper on the floor because I am messy when painting so I wanted to protect my tile floors. 

I didn't have any caulk to remove as it was worn away so that worked out in my favor! 

Here is what my kitchen looked like prepped and ready to be painted:

I don't remember the last time my kitchen was so empty and clean! :) 

The night after I cleaned and prepped, I primed the counters with the black primer paint provided. Everyone in my family actually liked the counters painted black! Hahaha, but that was prior to them seeing the end result! 

I let the primer dry over night, but drying time should be at least 8 hours prior to sponging. After sponging, you should let the paint dry for at least 4 hours and after the top coat it is recommended not place any heavy items on the counters for about two weeks.

Here is what the kitchen looked liked primed:

My two year old was really confused when he woke up to see the counters painted black! Honestly, it was a major improvement with just the primer on them, but I was excited to get to sponge when the kids went down for their nap that day! 

I had practiced on the piece of paper they provided and I had added too much of the bronze when I was practicing so I decided to go easy with the bronze when I was sponging the counters. Not that I did not like the bronze, I just did not want too much of it. The hint of the bronze definitely tied the counter in with the tiles on the floor too. 

I watched the video they provided to me over and over as I was going along with the steps, just to make sure I was doing everything right. I could have used a plastic bag as opposed to the sponge but I just wanted to follow along to make sure I could handle it the normal way...I know, I am not adventurous! I was also afraid to add "veining" with a paintbrush so I skipped that as well. I was proud of what I was able to do though, and it took me a little bit to get the right amount of each color where I wanted it and I probably could have kept dabbing and sponging but I ran out of the Pearl Mica paint (thank goodness) because who knows how long I would have been going back and forth, dab here, and dab there to make it "perfect" in my eyes! :) 

Just as I ran out of the Pearl Mica color, I stood back and smiled. "I LOVE IT" I said to myself and I did this work on my own so it makes it that much more rewarding. 

Due to my counter space I was only able to do one top coat. I have a lot of counter space in my kitchen so I am going to purchase another can and do another coat so it is shinier, but even if I do not get to it, I am definitely happy with the end result! 

Are you ready to see how great my counters turned out??

Check out my after pictures below:


I love how the new counter makes my kitchen look so new and modern! It also gives it a more "homey" feel, I think. We absolutely love it and would recommend Giani Granite kits in a heartbeat! It was actually a fun project for me to complete on my own and it is rewarding to see how great they look in the end!

So you can see the steps, I have taken pictures of one of my counter spaces at every step from beginning, primer, to end result!

Comparison Pictures:

 Counters Before
 Counters After Primer
 End Result
So, what do you all think of my counter transformation?? 

If you are interested in doing this to your kitchen or bath here is the information on how to purchase a kit:

How to Buy

Visit to purchase the kit (only $69.95) and you can also purchase items separately if you have a great amount of counter space as I do!

Follow Giani Granite on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their product releases and I love looking at the before/after photos!

Now that I have completed this project I am thinking that my cabinets need an overhaul too! :) We'll see if I am adventurous enough to tackle that project! 

We love our new counters and look forward to using them for many years to come! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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