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Sunday, March 17

{Review} Munchkin Lulla-Vibe & Light My Way Nightlight

My little princess Madelyn is 6 months old and she was doing well sleeping through the night until she started teething a few weeks ago. She has been up at least once each night since then so I was super excited to try out a couple of new products from Munchkin.

Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad is a winner of a prestigious JPMA Innovation Award. The Lulla-Vibe employs patent-pending technology that helps babies fall asleep quickly. Compact and portable for use under crib mattresses or nursing pillows, the Lulla-Vibe creates a soothing sensory experience for baby, regardless of the environment and can be controlled at the simple push of a button.

 Yes - it comes with batteries!! I absolutely love Munchkin because these items came with batteries...and it was a good thing too because he had just run out. 

The velcro is heavy duty so baby can not open it if they happen to get a hold of the pad. I was very easy to install the batteries. 

The battery piece slides out to easily install the batteries, a screw driver is needed and the just slide the battery pack back in, velcro it up and slide it under the mattress! 

 Here is what the pad looks like under her mattress, I did untie one piece of the breathable bumper  to lift the mattress easier. It was so easy to slide it under the mattress and then all you do is push there the circle is and the vibration turns on. It scared her at first but then she calmed right down!


Light My Way Nightlight is an adorable owl character that is both a play light and nightlight. It features a timed shut-off and easy-to-grasp handle to help light the way during bedtime or middle-of-the-night feedings!

 The owl nightlight also came with batteries! I was so happy!!!

 Here is what the light looks like with the lights off, it is a soft glow so it will not keep baby awake...or awaken baby completely when dealing with middle of the night feedings/diaper changes.

 Little princess loves the owl, she was playing with it for a while and this has been an excellent nightlight the past week when I am half asleep trying to change her, feed her and get her back to sleep!

 As you can see from the pictures above, these items are extremely useful when getting baby to sleep! Madelyn has done better sleeping with the Lulla-Vibe Mattress Pad and I have been able to dodge toys on the floor a lot easier in the middle of the night thanks to the cute Light My Way Owl Nightlight! 

We highly recommend both of these products, they are high quality, effective baby items that are sure to be helpful for many families.

How to Buy:

Head over to Munchkin's site to check where you can purchase these items in your area! 


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