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Saturday, June 29

{Review & Giveaway} Ultimate Garcinia Weight Loss Pills

 After having my three kids, I do not look thin like I used too and it is very disappointing to me. I have very low calcium due to a genetic issue too, so that makes it more difficult for me to manage my weight. I am always willing to try any weight loss supplements that are available because you never know if/what will work until you try it! My daughter is 9 months old and I have yet to lose all of the baby weight from her, I have about 35 more to go...however, I had two kids in 22 months so my body has taken a beating due to the gestational diabetes that I had with all three kids.

How it Works

When we eat, our bodies convert the nutrients from our food into usable energy. When nutrients are not used immediately, they are stored as fat, which can be burned for energy at a later date. This is why diet and exercise work so well for weight loss.

Many of us have more fat stored than we need. High caloric intake and diets high in fat and sugar contribute to increasing fat stores that are simply not needed. It can be difficult to eat healthy or find the time to work out when we are always on the go.

Ultimate Garcinia is a powerful dual action weight loss supplement that both suppresses body fat accumulation and increases fat oxidation which helps to prevent body fat from accumulating and leading to those unsightly 'love handles' or the dreaded 'spare tire'.

Ultimate Garcinia weight loss pills support increased fat oxidation, help boost energy levels, and they promote appetite suppression.

When taking Ultimate Garcinia, you can:

  • Suppress fat accumulation
  • Stimulate fat oxidation
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase your energy levels

     I am very bad with taking pills, not because I can't swallow them or because they taste bad, it is because I don't remember to take them! I am always catering to my kids and forget about myself so I definitely have to get better with that and I would have seen better results if I had taken them as directed...which I will do from now on! I did lose 6 pounds in 4 weeks, which for me, considering I was taking them irregularly, is very good!! I have noticed that I do have more energy and I feel like my metabolism has been jump started a bit by taking the pills.

    The pills are a little large, but that is to be expected. They are easy to swallow because they are capsules so I like that feature a lot. Here's what the capsules look like:

    Overall, I am impressed that I have lost some weight even though I haven't been regularly taking the pills. I would recommend these to those that need a boost to lose weight effectively, however, I would also recommend exercising while taking the pills to get greater results!

    How to Buy:

    Ultimate Garcinia has a lot of great special offers on their site! Head over HERE to check them out and order the product.


    One lucky winner will win a bottle of Ultimate Garcinia!

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    Note: I was not compensated for this post, I did, however, receive the product to review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any one.


    Madeline Brubaker said...

    I'd like to try this because I can use all the help I can get to lose these last 6 pounds!

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