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Friday, December 13

Pompeian Grapeseed Oil Review + Coupons!!

Pompeian Grapeseed Oil Spray is perfect for your holiday baking needs! I plan on using it to spray the baking pan when I make my Christmas cookies! We had a small fire in my house, in the wall of my daughter's room, so it has set my baking back a little bit. :(
I can tell you that I have researched the spray and how it can be used and I am very excited to use the spray next week!  
Pompeian imports 100% of its Grapeseed Oil from France. Its light flavor comes from delicate wine grapes, preserving the flavor of food. It’s perfect for stir frying, deep frying, sautéing and baking.

Grapeseed Oil is also a rich source of Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Grapeseed Oil is an all-natural cooking oil known for its high smoke point, a characteristic that makes it an ideal choice for stir-frying and deep frying. And because of its high fluidity, it reduces excess oil from absorbing into the food.
Here is a short video on the ways you can use this!

You can Drip, Stream or Spray with this bottle! It is best used with Grilling, sautéing, Stir Fry and Baking.

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How to Buy:

Go HERE to use the Store Locator to see if the product is in your area stores.

Also, make sure you Like Pompeian on Facebook to keep up with their products and special offers!

This post was made possible by Smiley360 and Pompeian! All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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