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Tuesday, January 28

SpongeBob and Friends: Patrick SquarePants ~ Released 1/14!

SpongeBob and Friends: Patrick SquarePants
Do your kids love SpongeBob as much as mine do!? If so, this DVD is a definite purchase! It is jam packed with 14 episodes of SpongeBob and is approximately 192 minutes long! That is over 2 hours of enjoyment for the kiddies!!

My son was so excited that I couldn't open the package fast enough, he came home from school and immediately wanted to watch it after I showed him what I received in the mail!!
Here are the 14 episodes that are on the DVD:
SpongeBob and Friends: Patrick SquarePants Episode Synopses:Big Pink Loser
Patrick feels like he hasn't accomplished anything with his life and he decides to take SpongeBob on as his role model.

The Secret Box
Patrick has a box and he won't show SpongeBob what's inside of it because it's a secret. SpongeBob can't believe Patrick would keep something from him and he pretends not to care what's inside the box, but secretly it's driving him crazy.

I’m With Stupid
When Patrick's parents come over for Starfish Day, Patrick gets upset that they still think he isn't very smart.

New Student Starfish
It's another day of boating school for SpongeBob, and this time, Patrick wants to come along too.

Dunces and Dragons
After a freak jousting accident at a Medieval Times restaurant, SpongeBob and Patrick are transported to a medieval version of Bikini Bottom. The two are mistaken for great knights, and soon they are entrusted with the quest of saving King Krabs' daughter, Princess Pearl, from the clutches of the evil wizard Lord Plankton. To keep them company, the King sends along Squidward, the court jester.

Patrick SmartPants
During a day of jelly fishing, Patrick gets conked on the head and loses consciousness. When he awakes, the starfish is suddenly speaking in complete sentences - and making sense! Patrick is now not only smart, but brilliant.

That’s No Lady
A misunderstanding over a vacation getaway advertisement causes Patrick to think he must "get out of town" or face dire consequences. SpongeBob can't bear the thought of his best buddy moving away, so he decides to do what he can to hide Patrick's identity from his "pursuers."

Driven to Tears
SpongeBob has failed his driving test - again.  Patrick is so outraged by the injustice of it all that he storms into the testing facility and takes the test to prove that it is an unfair test and impossible to pass. Unfortunately, Patrick’s plan backfires.

The Gift of Gum
It's Best Friends Day and SpongeBob and Patrick trade Best Friend presents.

Karate Star
Patrick learns just enough karate to wreak havoc in Bikini Bottom.

Big Sister Sam
Patrick's big sister Samantha comes for a visit.

Squidward’s School for Grown Ups
When Patrick suddenly grows a very grown-up beard, he decides it’s time to act like a grown-up and perhaps Squidward is the perfect squid to help him.

The Googly Artiste
Patrick tries desperately to supply everyone in Bikini Bottom with his highly demanded “rocks-with-googly-eyes,” after an art critic deems him a true artiste.

Pet Sitter Pat
The night before the big school dance, Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob to help Pearl get rid of a barnacle on her face.
How to Buy:
Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment, and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, SpongeBob and Friends: Patrick SquarePants is available on DVD on January 14, 2014, for the suggested retail price of $14.99.

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Note: I was not compensated for this post, I did, however, receive the DVD to view. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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